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Delaware Dog Photography Blog > The Beginning

Many photographers’ stories seem to begin when they’re 6 years old and they get their first camera for Christmas. My story isn’t like that. What I remember most about growing up was spending a lot of time playing outside with the neighborhood kids and having lots and lots of cats.

We got a German Shepherd puppy once when we lived in Kansas when I was in grade school, but she pooped on the carpet and committed the unpardonable sin of “smelling like a dog” so she came and went in less than a week. I don’t remember anyone asking for a dog so why we got one at all remains a mystery.

Animal behavior has always fascinated me, but I was nothing if not practical so I got a degree in chemical engineering, a job at DuPont and then an MBA when I discovered I liked financial work. When I was transferred to Houston and didn’t know anyone, it seemed like a good time to get a dog. Cats are wonderful and I can’t imagine not having one (or five), but they’re just not interested in going out and doing things together and I wanted to leave the house occasionally.

When I was transferred back to Wilmington I got another puppy and then started taking photography classes at the local art college. One class led to another and then another and before I knew it, I was asking total strangers if I could photograph their dogs, which, it turns out, is sort of a hard habit to break.

Photographing animals is what I want to do most in the world so I left DuPont after 27 years to dedicate myself to doing just that. I also love reading, sharing good book recommendations, training nose work, and hiking with my dog all over the Mid-Atlantic, but those are potential topics for later posts or when we meet.


Check out my website at and then email me at Karen@Fido.Photography or call/text me at (302) 545-5498 if you love your dog and want to capture their myriad expressions, big jumps and beautiful faces. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



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