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Delaware pet photography by Fido Photography.
See the love you feel every day.™

Fido Photography provides naturally beautiful pet photography in Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Maryland.


My Delaware pet photography business is very specialized; I only photograph animals and, sometimes, the people who love them. My style marries clean, bright images with joyous personalities and motion. Shooting active dogs and cats is the ultimate challenge and gives me a thrill like no other.

As both a professional dog photographer and loving animal owner, I’m committed to capturing your dog’s personality with photographs worthy of a place of honor on any wall in your home. Not what they look like, but who they are. It is my vocation and obsession.

The pictures are as unique as your dog or cat is. I created Fido Photography 10 years ago because I wanted to stop time for people who feel, as I do, that a relationship with a beloved pet is one of the most rewarding bonds of our lives. I know that that feeling can’t be locked in a bottle, but I’ve learned it can be captured with photography.

When I’m not lying on the ground with my camera aimed at a great action shot or an adoptable pup at the Delaware Humane Association, I’m happiest reading about dog behavior, training my Golden Retriever or walking in the woods with him at my side.

Contact me if you’d like to have an enduring reminder of the joy your pets bring to your life, whether they are cuddly, quirky, intense or simply because they are the love of your life.

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