Rugby and Karen

­­A few things I’ve learned in my 50+ trials as a videographer and photographer:

  1. You can never have too many cameras.
  2. People want titles way more than they want photos or videos.
  3. Lightning fast turnaround times are greatly appreciated.
  4. Check for hidden ditches before attempting U-turns on narrow lanes.

I’ve been part of the nose work community since 2010 when I took photos at the first Pennsylvania camp and then trialed for 3 years with my Golden Retriever, Rugby, until we got our NW3-Elite. After photographing a few trials someone asked if I’d be interested in doing video too. Now, 4 years and 23 cameras later, videoing is my full-time job. (I confess that I kind of like it when a CO tells me that an area will be hard to video because I love a challenge and problem-solving is one of my favorite sports.) 

I believe in quality work, customer service, and continuous improvement. I started marking videos with arrows because I thought it might help see your dog’s behavior around odor and I’m thrilled that other videographers offer it now too. I added “quick” marking because it’s an inexpensive way to see where the hides were and how close your dog got to source.

When a competitor suggested I set up a site so videos could be shared amongst the competitors of a trial, I contacted the originator of the idea on the West Coast and added it as a free option. If there’s something I can do that will help you on your journey to being the best team you can be, I’m in.

I don’t believe in cutting corners or standing still (figuratively and literally, which is why you’ll often see me score-running at trials). If you email me I’ll respond quickly and it’s always okay to email me. I’m not nearly as good with the phone so if you’re looking for an immediate response email is best. Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you and your dog in action!


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If you’re a trial host and your trial is within ~300 miles of 19807 including DE, PA, NJ, MD, NY, CT, MA, RI, VA, NC, contact me or send me an email and I’ll let you know right away if I can be there.

I often have trial commitments 6 months out so earlier in your trial prep process is better, but even if the trial is only a few weeks away please ask, I might be able to squeeze it in!