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Delaware Dog Photography Blog > Dog Collars and Leashes

Dog Collars

Some women are into shoes and handbags. Others (okay, me) can never have enough dog collars. 64 at last count. Most don't even fit my dog. Fortunately, photographing the shelter dogs for the Delaware Humane Association gives me the necessary cover to continuously expand my collection. We use a new or barely-used collar for each dog to give them a pop of color and a bit of style. And to feed my habit.

Dog gear photography: og at Delaware Humane Association wearing bright collar

Collar by A Tail We Could Wag

My two favorite sources are A Tail We Could Wag for bright, nylon-backed cotton collars (for everyday wear) and Paco Collars for leather collars for fancy occasions. Also, Up Country and Walk-E-Woo make colorful patterned collars and are well represented in my collection.

Delaware Dog Photography photo of a dog wearing a bright collar

Collar by A Tail We Could Wag

Outdoor dog photography leather collar and leash

Collar and leash by Paco Collars

The A Tail We Could Wag collars last for years with regular machine washing. The colors do eventually fade, but it takes a surprisingly long time. The Paco collars are beautifully made and, amazingly, never smell funky no matter what my dog has rolled in. I clean them with a bit of water and a soft toothbrush when they get smeared with...whatever. Good as new.

Dog Leashes

A good leash is light, strong, comfortable and attractive. Getting all four attributes in one leash is asking a lot so I have several I use depending on the weather and what we're doing.

My favorite everyday leash is the Timberwolf Pet Products Alpine Lead. It's made of climbing rope so it's strong and light and has a soft rubber thing in the handle so when your dog pulls it's not uncomfortable. (Maybe your dog never reaches the end of your leash, and if so, I'm both impressed and envious.) It also has a key ring in the handle that you can use to tether your dog for a moment or wear it over your shoulder. Or for a key, I guess. I've tried both the 5/16" and 7/16" thickness and much prefer the 5/16" one because it's so much more flexible.

The other leash I use regularly is made by RuffGrip, of both leather and nylon. It's easy to grip even when you're wearing gloves or when the leash is wet. It doesn't come in fun colors like the Alpine Lead, but it's perfect for foul weather walking.

Did I miss anything great collar or leash resources? Post in the comments!



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