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FAQ – Delaware Pet Photographer

FAQ – Delaware Pet PhotographER

I’m looking forward to working with you and I’m sure you have questions. Check out the FAQ list below and contact me if you have any others or if you’re ready to set up your very own Fido session.

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  1. Is Fido Photography right for me?

    If you and your dogs enjoy being outdoors in natural settings and relaxed, relatively uncontrolled environments, we’re likely a good match. If you prefer posed photos in a studio or enjoy dressing your dog in anything more than a collar, you may be better matched with a photographer who shoots in those styles.

  2. I’m interested! How do we get started?

    Call me at (302) 545-5498 or email me at Karen@Fido.Photography.

    We’ll chat about your dog and then we’ll set up a pre-shoot session, preferably in person. We’ll decide where and when we’ll do the shoot. We’ll go over pricing and details regarding previewing shots from the session, selection and product delivery.

  3. Does my dog need to be trained?

    Definitely not. Free spirits and obedience school dropouts are some of the most fun dogs I know.

  4. Does my dog need to be off-leash?

    Not necessarily. It’s fine if we need to use a long line to keep her out of harms way and engaged with us.

  5. Where will we go for the shoot?

    We’ll decide that together. We can do it in your backyard, or I can suggest other options depending on what your dog enjoys most.

  6. Can you shoot more than one dog in a session?

    Yes! I can shoot as many dogs as you have. If you have more than three, I may need to engage a wrangler to assist at the photo session if you want them all in a photo together.

  7. What happens during the session?

    We meet at the location and give your dog a little time to get used to me and my camera before we begin. After he’s comfortable, we start having fun and I start shooting.

  8. What should I bring?

    Toys, treats, water and whatever lights up your dog when it’s time for fun. I’ll bring a few things as well because new stuff can be extra interesting.

  9. What should my dog wear?

    Preferably nothing at all, but a flat collar is fine.

  10. Can I be in some of the photos?

    Absolutely. You are your dog’s favorite friend and capturing your relationship is part of the fun.

  11. What will I be doing during the shoot?

    You can simply watch or you can actively engage your dog. If I need your help in getting a dramatic or interesting shot, I’ll let you know what might help us get it.

  12. Do you photograph cats?

    Yes! I love cats and would be delighted to photograph your cat. If your cat is friendly, adaptable and curious, I can shoot great images inside your house with some studio lighting. If your cat goes outside, there are even more opportunities for amazing images.

  13. How long after the shoot can I see my photos?

    Because I’ll be handing you the highest quality, professionally captured images you could hope for, it will be about two weeks before you see the results. We’ll schedule a session to view the images together and I’ll help guide you through the decision-making process and show you what your photos will look like on your wall.

  14. Once I place my order, how long will it take to get my prints and album?

    It varies depending on what you order, but in general, four weeks.

  15. How much will this cost?

    As with any other professional service the total cost will vary depending on what you want. The session fee starts at $250 and depends on the number of animals. Most people spend between $1000 and $3000 on their artwork. A complete breakdown of options will be given to you the first time we meet.

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