Nose Work Trial Sharing Option

What is Trial Sharing?

It’s an exciting new option for viewing trial videos that is exclusively for the competitors of a trial. Facebook groups are a good way to see how other teams work, but if you want to see how other teams worked the same search you just did, you’ll have trouble finding more than one or two.

How can I participate?

First, you have to agree to let me share your purchased videos. You can send me an email before the trial letting me know it’s okay for me to post your videos or you can write “Y” in the box on the sign up sheet marked “Video Sharing”. You can also wait until after the trial to decide.

How is this different from video sharing groups on Facebook?

Each trial search will have its own folder and will only be accessible to the people who competed at the trial and who agree to share their videos. It will not be available to anyone else and is not public. You’ll need an invitation email from me to access it. You won’t have to do any work to get it posted; I’ll do that for you.

Can I share only certain searches?

Yes, of course, but you’ll only be able to see the searches that you agree to share.

What can I see?

All the other searches from your trial day that others have given permission for me to post. There are no names on the videos. Obviously, you’ll know some of the other competitors, but I’m keeping it as anonymous as I can.

What if I only purchase basic videos?

I’ll pick the best view to post if there was more than one camera used. You’ll still get access to the folder and the other videos.

Who else can see them?

The other competitors whose videos you see in the folder. Nobody else.

Where will they be?

On SmugMug. I’ll send you an invitation with a link when they’re uploaded and you’ve given permission.

When will they be posted?

About a week after the trial when I’m done editing the orders that came in right after the trial. I’ll add others as people give me permission.

Do I have to sign up for something?

Yes, you have to sign up for a SmugMug account, but it’s free if you don’t already have one.

Will others be able to download my videos?

No. I’ve disabled that option. I’ve turned off the comments sections too.

How long will they be available?

I plan to take down the folders 3 weeks after I post them which will be about 4 weeks after the trial date.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. All you have to do is allow sharing of your purchased videos and you’ll get access to the others.

Why are you doing this?

Because I think it’s a great learning opportunity and will be valuable to a lot of competitors. I’m happy to help my customers in any way I can.