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Delaware Dog Photography Blog > Spring Dog Photography in Delaware

I'm pretty sure Spring is coming and to me, that means more than just warmer temperatures and daylight past 5pm, it means color.  Most of the year we have a whole lot of green everywhere. Leaves, grass, shrubberies, all green. Not that green isn't a lovely color. I have nothing against green as a background color. In fact, most dogs look pretty good in green, but wouldn't it be fun if one year the grass and leaves were pink, purple or orange? Just for a change? Maybe that's one of those "be careful what you wish for" kinds of things.

I recently read a thought-provoking novel called "The Age of Miracles" by Karen Thompson Walker. In it, the earth somehow gets shifted off its axis and each day gets progressively longer so that it's daylight for weeks and then months at a time. Every time I wish for non-green grass, I think about that book. Here's a link if you're interested in the book. It made me appreciate the reassuringly predictable parts of life.

Anyway, I know this terrific little park that's picture-perfect in Spring. I look forward to shooting there every year. It's in bloom for just a few weeks, sort of nature's version of a limited-time-only offer. It's full of yellow daffodils, pretty pink trees and little blue flowers. (Those probably aren't the technical names.) It also has a babbling brook with several quaint bridges that seem kind of unnecessary considering the creek can easily be hopped over. I suspect they're there just to make for pretty pictures.

Wilmington park pet photographer photographs mixed breed dog in park under cherry blossom tree

Wilmington dog photography Yorkshire Terrier hiding behind daffodils

Outdoor Spring pet portraits golden retriever puppy standing in bluebells

There's this entire hillside of daffodils that people and dogs are allowed to walk in.

Delaware daffodil dog portraiture with black dog in field of Spring daffodils

There isn't much more a pet photographer could ask for.

Delaware dog photography golden retriever puppy with owner in daffodils

I'll be watching the daffodils carefully to see when they're at their peak and hope you'll get in touch here so you and your dog can dance, play or pose in the flowers and I can capture it for you.



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