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Delaware Dog Photography Blog > Top 10 Reasons to Like Snow

Fido Photography's top 10 reasons to like snow:

10. No bugs. Not a single stink bug, mosquito or tick anywhere. Gotta love that.

9. No poison ivy. As someone who cannot go a single summer without getting poison ivy on half my leg, it's nice not to have to worry about it for a little while.

8. No snakes. The benefit of this cannot be overstated.

7. No mud. I have nothing against mud, per se, but the lack of it means I don't have to rinse the dog off after every single walk in the woods.

6. It's good for photos. It reflects light back into faces and makes a gorgeous backdrop for portraits. Also, tongues tend not to hang out the sides of mouths like neckties after a happy hour that's gone on for 5 hours too long.

Portrait of a mixed breed dog in the snow in Delaware

5. It's pretty. Especially if you're watching it pile up outside from the comfy chair situated in front of a crackling fire. Add a purring orange cat to your lap and put on your bunny slippers for the complete experience.

Golden Retriever puppy and adult dog posing with owner in snow

4. It's soft. Not that I ever fall down, but, you know, just in case.

3. Results in a tired dog. I think we can all agree that a sleeping dog is a dog that is not chasing a cat, chewing an Ugg or grabbing a sock out of the laundry and is therefore being a Very Good Dog.

An adult Golden Retriever plays with a Golden Retriever puppy in snow in Delaware

2. Nothing gross to roll in. It's magical. Your dog rolls in fox poop and a bath is not required. This should probably be the #1 thing to love about snow.

1. Dogs love it. Mine loves to bury things in the snow and then 2 seconds later remember that he buried something and dig it right out again. He can do this about 23 times before it starts to gets old. He also likes that whenever he wants a drink all he has to do is stop and eat some snow. But I think his favorite thing about snow is that it's cold. He can run, play with his nephew and retrieve for hours without needing a break.

Black dog in snow having fun jumping and smiling in Delaware

Comment below and tell me what your dog loves about snow or winter!



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